Smile Value Plan Now everyone in your family can get dental care without
your savings account feeling the pinch.
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Smile Makeover Need A Whiter Or Perfect Smile? We Have Got You
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Gift-a-Smile Plan You can help people in rural communities get the urgent
dental care they need by getting your teeth cleaned.
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Smile Value Plan A health plan for seniors (60 years and above). Make Appointment

About Us

MyDentalPal is an innovative subscription platform that allows users access to GUARANTEED, AFFORDABLE, and CONVENIENT healthcare regardless of what they do or where they live; especially health services that are otherwise expensive.

It is not a health insurance plan.

Our Services

Because we believe that no one should be excluded from getting the healthcare they need, when they need it and at a price they can afford.


Dental Services

We understand that the cost of dental care can be expensive. This why our services are tailored to ease the financial burden for you- from a simple dental consultation to even more advanced root canal treatments or crowns.


Optical Services

We give you access to qualified professionals with years of experience in eye care.


Diagnostic Services

Get access to facilities for accurate diagnostic tests to help your doctor get to the root of any health issues you might be experiencing.


our network


years of experience


qualified dentists


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Subscription Plans

Choose from any one of our carefully customised bouquet of services and enjoy GUARANTEED, AFFORDABLE and CONVENIENT services all-year round.

cancel and change subscription plan at any time (terms and conditions apply)

Seniors’ plan

  • Pay up to 50% less on selected dental services.
  • Complementary services include:
    • 4 FREE annual dental consultation
  • Subscription fee: 26,300 NGN
  • Duration: 12months

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Smile Makeover

  • Pay up to 40% less on selected dental services.
  • Complementary services include:
    • 2 FREE annual dental consultation
    • 1 FREE scaling and polishing session
    • Instalmental payment plan of Orthodontics/ dental braces and veneers.
  • Subscription fee: 21,000 NGN
  • Duration: 12months

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Smile Value Plan

  • Pay up to 30% less on selected dental services.
  • Complimentary services include:
    • 2 FREE annual dental consultation
    • 1 FREE dental Xray
  • Subscription fee: 15,800 NGN
  • Duration: 12months

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Gift-a-Smile Plan

  • Pay up to 15% less on selected dental services.
  • Complementary services include:
    • 1 FREE annual dental consultation
    • 1 FREE scaling and polishing
  • Subscription fee: 5,300 NGN
  • Duration: 12 months

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Introducing the app that truly puts your healthcare finances in your hands. Manage your subscriptions and appointments from the comfort of your home.


What our subscribers say.


I have been to quite a number of dental clinics both home and abroad and I must say the smile experience was world class. From the receptionist to all the dentist I saw. They were all friendly and full of smile. I will definitely recommend them



I used to patronize Dental clinics in Abuja for the past 20 years but since I began going The Smile Shop, I have come to realise that we also have an excellent dental clinic in Kano. I will make sure that all my family gets their routine cleaning at The Smile Shop going forward



I was well attained to and given excellent service by the staff and doctor. Great job. It was really nice here. You have a team of experienced practitioners.



I’ve been going to Dental Clinic for years and have always had top-notch care. My hygienist does a great job cleaning my teeth and my dentist is friendly and listens to any concerns I have. My teeth always feel spotless when I leave. Great experience. Friendly and attentive staff.


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