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About Us

We are an innovative Provider-led platform helping people live happier lives by giving them easy access to quality and affordable healthcare at their convenience while doing the other things they love.

Our Services

Give your friends, loved ones, and customers/ clients one more reason to smile by signing up for our Membership Program, helping them stay healthier longer to share more memorable and profitable moments with you. Remember, HEALTH IS WEALTH.

Our Benefits

  • Access to specialized health services including free consultations/checkups
  • Competitive prices and flexible payment options for selected healthcare services that ordinarily would cost a whole lot more,
  • Access to the best healthcare providers
  • NO hidden charges!! Our Membership Program is FREE, but you must have a referral code to sign up. Get INSTANT 20 Free SmileCredits on Signup.

Seamless Appointment Management

Our automated appointment scheduling system is designed to make your health experience one to smile about. We have reduced the barriers and hassles of transit time or back-and-forth phone calls, giving you priority when you schedule via the app. With just a click of a button, you can schedule or reschedule your appointment from the comfort of your home or in the middle of a traffic jam.

EXCLUSIVE bouquet of health services

Dental: 15 services, 4 subscription plans (click to view the list)

Dental Examination/ Consultation, Teleconsultation, Periapical dental x-rays, Dental cleaning (Scaling and Polishing), Dental filling- Composite filling, Dental filling- GIC filling, Root canal treatment, Dental Prosthesis: Dentures, Dental Prosthesis: Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns and bridges, Dental Prosthesis: Zirconia crowns and bridges, Mobile Dental Clinic/ Home service, Teeth whitening, Orthodontics: braces, Tooth extractions

Optical (coming soon): 5 services, 1 subscription plan

Wellness tests (coming soon): 10 services, 2 subscription plans


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Subscription Plans

Our array of subscription plans are designed to help you focus on what REALLY matters to you: Your parents or elderly relatives, your smile, your eyes or your general health- we have got something for you. Are you are deeply concerned about the state of healthcare in your community and want to support in your own little way? We have a plan that lets you Gift-a-Smile to someone or a community.

Seniors’ plan

  • Subscription fee 150 SmileCredits


  • Reactivation fee 80 SmileCredits


  • Unlimited FREE dental checkups and dental x-rays


  • Up to 50% less SmileCredits on selected services.


Subscribe to help them smile

Smile Makeover

  • Subscription fee 400 SmileCredits


  • Reactivation fee 150 SmileCredits


  • Unlimited FREE dental checkups


  • Up to 30% less SmileCredits on selected services; complimentary dental cleaning session.


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Mobile Clinic Plan

  • Subscription fee 400 SmileCredits


  • Reactivation fee 150 SmileCredits


  • Up to 20% less SmileCredits on selected services


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Gift-a-Smile Plan

  • Subscription fee 150 SmileCredits


  • Reactivation fee 100 SmileCredits


  • Unlimited FREE dental checkups


  • Up to 10% less SmileCredits on selected services


  • Complimentary dental cleaning session


  • Subscription fee is donated towards a community health outreach


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What our subscribers say.


I have been to quite a number of dental clinics both home and abroad and I must say the smile experience was world class. From the receptionist to all the dentist I saw. They were all friendly and full of smile. I will definitely recommend them



I used to patronize Dental clinics in Abuja for the past 20 years but since I began going The Smile Shop, I have come to realise that we also have an excellent dental clinic in Kano. I will make sure that all my family gets their routine cleaning at The Smile Shop going forward



I was well attained to and given excellent service by the staff and doctor. Great job. It was really nice here. You have a team of experienced practitioners.



I’ve been going to Dental Clinic for years and have always had top-notch care. My hygienist does a great job cleaning my teeth and my dentist is friendly and listens to any concerns I have. My teeth always feel spotless when I leave. Great experience. Friendly and attentive staff.


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